About Us

Clients choose PRIME LEGAL because they need the top lawyers historically found only in the country’s largest firms, but they also expect the responsiveness and “hands on” culture of a smaller firm.

PRIME LEGAL has four separate divisions and departments:

  • Litigation
  • Non –litigation
  • Dispute Resolution

A smaller footprint and lack of inflexible bureaucracy allows our firm to accommodate the needs of a diverse, elite client base. From pre-revenue startups to multi-national corporations, PRIME LEGAL’s agile approach to pricing and staffing treats clients as business partners, rather than arms-length sources of revenue.

Our broad network of specialist attorneys built over decades of practicing law covers the entire spectrum of pricing models, practice groups, and firm structures. The inflexible “one firm fits all” approach to “full service” law is no longer necessary.

PRIME LEGAL’s learns its clients’ legal needs, and connects them with specialist attorneys with the right experience, pricing, and culture for the task.